"There has been a clear improvement on the general performance of the girls in all forms (forms 1-4). This can be seen by the fact that the pass rate percentage amongst girls has jumped from 40% to 75%. This improvement amongst girls is directly linked to the provision of sanitary pads provided to all adolescent girls. Since Cynthia began distributing those pads to girls, their school attendance increased dramatically which in turn translated into good grades, hence the increment in pass rates. As a school, we appreciate the programme and we are hopeful that it will continue"

Mr Arnold Moyo - Head Teacher


“I love Grace Pads because once I receive grace pads it has made me to move free. Days back before receiving Grace Pads I was just sleeping, not going to school until I have stopped menstruation period, but now with this Grace pads I can walk comfortably and I can attend classes. Days back before receiving grace pads I was using old clothes which made me move uncomfortably but now am free with this Grace Pads"

Yanicho -14 Years old

"Once I receive Grace Pads I was happy, because I didn’t have enough materials to use when I am in menstruation but with Grace Pads I have enough materials to use. But now I attending classes and sports so it was blessing to me to receive Grace Pads"

Joyce - 14 Years old


Pilarani Banda

"Hi I am Pilarani Banda and I am 25 years old. I work at Grace Pads production centre at Home of Hope. I love working at Grace Pads because it’s the only way I can earn money to support my basic needs. The money I earn at Grace Pads has totally changed my life because as of now I am able to take care of myself. I can buy household items, food, clothes. I am also supporting my parents with the money I earn. I have been working at Grace Pads for 2 years and 5 months. Generally, if I was not working at Grace Pads my life would have been full of troubles because my life depends on Grace Pads salary payment.  I just want to thank you for helping me to survive in my life. You’ve done a lot for me. God bless you"

Tiyamike Kagona

Hi I am Tiyamike Kagona and I am 25 years old. I work at Home of Hope sewing in Grace Pads. I have been employed at Grace Pads for 2 years and 5 months. I love working at Grace Pads because it is the only way I get sources of my income after receiving a month end salary. I love working in Grace Pads not only because of the salary, it also gives me sewing skills which I can use to produce quality pads. Since I started working in Grace Pads my life has changed. I am now able to support my relatives by providing necessities and I can easily take care of myself.