Our Grace Pads Mobil has been through a lot the past 3 years delivering thousands of Store, Wash & Dry kits along rocky dirt roads to the most remote villages across Malawi.

Unfortunately this little Nissan Tida is not made for the roads in Malawi and as a result the suspension is gone, the radiator is broken and the car has bombed out. Sadly, we have to sell our beloved Grace Pads Mobil because the ongoing maintenance costs are drying up our funds.

We are starting a fundraising appeal to help us buy a new car so we can continue driving those dusty dirt roads so Grace Pads can reach the girls, in the hard to reach places. Grace Pads is appealing for US10,000 to buy a 4WD that can handle the roads we travel.

We are looking for 100 generous sponsors to donate $100 or more to help us out or if you feeling extra generous you welcome to buy the whole car for us and we’ll let you pick it out.

Grace Mobil Appeal

  • All sponsorships and donations to Grace Pads are tax-deductible. Grace Pads is funded by Blessing in Disguise Australia ABN 69 258 180 421. As a DGR endorsed charity, Blessing in Disguise is not required to issue tax receipts. However, if you would like a receipt to support your claim please email us at hello@blessingindisguise.co to request your Annual Tax Statement.