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Grace Pads is committed to providing high quality sanitary pads but more than that we're committed to providing a holistic approach to hygiene and sanitation. Pads are only one of the necessary components required for effective menstrual & hygiene management. Our Store, Wash & Dry Program ensures that girls also have the basic resources required to utilise and care for the reusable pads. 


The reality is, menstruation is a culturally sensitive topic regardless of what we do to try break the stigma. For many girls it is a scary and extremely private experience and they would never be seen washing their pads in public because of the surrounding cultural taboos.


Our custom designed washtubs ensure that girls who don't have access to sanitation facilities can still store, wash and dry their pads. The separate cleaning system and safe disposal of blood is also crucial for reducing the risk and spread of disease.

Grace kits

Our tubs are produced locally in Malawi, they are high quality, very durable and will last up to 5+ years

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How does it work?

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Pads require a hygienic and private place to be stored after each use.

Our plastic tubs ensure that girls can disguise their Grace pads and transport water for washing. 

Reusable pads should be soaked and washed with soap. The tubs also allow the girls to wash their pads separately, away from public exposure.

Pads should be exposed to direct sunlight to kill bacteria during drying. The tubs double up as a " mini" wash line.

Grace Pads


Grace Pads are high quality reusable sanitary pads made from soft absorbent material. The waterproof layer protects girls from leaking, giving them the confidence to manage each cycle with Grace. 


Safe,Simple & Practical

The wings are fastened securely onto the underwear with snaps and can be worn for up to 6 hours


Sponsor a girl in Malawi with reusable sanitary pads & her own Store, Wash & Dry kit.


Each kit includes: 4 grace pads, a pair of underwear, 2 bars of soap & a ziplock bag. This will cover her for 18+ months.

She will also receive menstrual hygiene education. Our 'Grow with Grace' menstrual hygiene program will ensure she has the confidence to manage her period.



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Grow with Grace


Our 'Grow with Grace' educational program is presented to recipients upon distribution of Grace Pads. The program covers all topics from the female reproductive system to managing a period with 'Grace'. All girls who complete the program receive a detailed booklet outlining the care instructions as well as important health topics discussed during the training program.