Sponsorship Program

For just $25 per month, you can make a lasting difference to the life of a girl in Malawi

 Your monthly sponsorship will cover all college costs for a new student on our waiting list to attend the vocational centre. She will graduate with a certified tailoring qualification which will enable her to work in our Grace Pads production centre or as an independent tailor. Our program ensures each girl receives life changing, comprehensive and practical skills that will set her up for the best possible future.

Each girl receives:





Empowering the girls of today is an investment in everyone's tomorrow 

“Gender inequality undermines economic growth, human development and poverty reduction. The evidence is clear—investing in women is not just the right thing to do— it is the smart thing to do”.

The Hon. Julie Bishop MP


Some young women will be fortunate enough to complete secondary school. Very few will ever make it to college or university. Vocational training provides a way to bridge the gap and allow young women to learn and develop practical skills that will assist them in gaining employment and becoming financially independent. The Grow with Grace Program supports young women to gain skills in sewing and tailoring, while increasing their opportunities in life. 


The skills learnt through this program provide young women in Malawi with employment opportunities either at the Grace Pads Production Centre, or setting up their own businesses in their villages upon completion of their vocational training. Being a contributing member of the community gives young women a sense of purpose and boosts their self-esteem.