Why Pads?

It’s not as simple as buying a box of sanitary pads and continuing with her day as normal.


Girls in developing countries often miss school because they can't afford pads or don't have access to them. As a result they resort to unhygienic alternatives like dirty rags or even newspaper to manage their periods (and that’s assuming they even have underwear).


This not only affects a girl’s health but also her ability to be productive in society. Periods are holding girls back from reaching their full potential, which is undermining efforts to achieve gender equality and female empowerment.


Grace Pads was founded in response to the lack of feminine hygiene products available

to girls in Malawi.

Giving girls Grace with washable sanitary pads

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Washable sanitary pads are a safe,simple,practical and affordable solution.

We create a cycle of female empowerment

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN                       


How can we expect to empower girls and achieve gender equality without a sustainable solution to Menstrual Hygiene Management?



We combine education, business and sanitation to empower young girls.

Grace Pads is a catalyst for employment for girls in Malawi, enabling young women to support themselves.

We reinvest 100% of the profits back into Grace Pads. This enables us to fulfil our purpose and to donate pads to vulnerable girls across Malawi. 




Grace Pads address all aspects of Menstrual Hygiene Management and sanitation through our innovative Store , Wash & Dry kit. These kits are specifically designed for students and women living in rural areas with restricted access to sanitation facilities. It includes all the resources required to manage menstruation in a healthy , safe and discrete manner.

We provide relevant and 'girl-friendly' education to give girls the knowledge and skills they need to manage their periods with confidence.


Sponsor a girl in Malawi with reusable sanitary pads & her own Store, Wash & Dry kit.


Each kit includes: 4 grace pads, a pair of underwear, 2 bars of soap & a ziplock bag. This will cover her for 18+ months.

She will also receive menstrual hygiene education. Our 'Grow with Grace' menstrual hygiene program will ensure she has the confidence to manage her period.


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Girls living in developing countries face enough challenges. Periods shouldn't be one of them.

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